Russian language for everyone!


With our approach you are going to speak Russian in 2 months!

The method is really effective!

Now we know that everybody can master the language, WITHOUT LIMITATION, regardless of age or individual abilities!

ENOUGH of studying and memorizing the rules of grammar, let’s just start to speak Russian!

We are inviting you for the presentation of free trial lesson!

In the first test lesson you will learn:

  1. How to Excitingly quickly and easily learn to speak the language!
  2. How to learn to speak fluently and learn a new culture through communication?
  3. What kinds of exercises will increase your level of conversation and the overall level of grammar?
  4. Why this technique is effective?

The method is really effective!

After reaching a certain level of proficiency in Russian a certificate is issued:

  • elementary level;
  • basic level;
  • threshold level;
  • vantage level;
  • level of competence;
  • level of professional speaking;
  • level of mastery in speaking Russian.

With us you can be sure of the result!

Our task is to show you that learning a foreign language, is a natural, effortless process. With us you will speak Russian fluently and easily. You will be able to talk automatically, spontaneously. Because our practice of language starts from the first lesson. Only in the course of conversation, practicing every day to talk, you can feel free and confident about speaking Russian!

Practice — the only way of mastering the language.


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